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Strange and Weird Wedding Traditions Around The World

No matter how diversified the human society is, marriage is a common tradition that is followed by all. However, there are many rituals that need to be followed when the couple decides to live their lives together as one. But, there are many peculiar traditions around the world that actually makes you wonder if these people are actually in the correct state of mind.

A few of there weird wedding traditions from around the world is sure to shock you. Below are five of the best and weird wedding traditions from around the world that we have complied for you. Take a tour:

Weird Wedding Traditions Around The World

Weird Wedding Traditions Around The World

Upon reading these weird wedding traditions, we would love if you share with us any other such traditions you witnessed. Happy posting!


Kenya tops the list in the weird wedding tradition. However, it is not all at weird in Kenya to see father of the bride bless his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts. It is done before his daughter leaves for her husband’s house.

Dance away

In Ireland the wedding traditions are weirder. When the bride and groom are dancing the brides feet have to stay on the floor. If not, evil fairies will come and sweep her away!

Shoot the Bride

The groom shoots his bride with a blunt bow and arrow before the wedding three times. Then the groom collects all the arrows and breaks them. What this weird wedding tradition symbolizes is that their love will prosper for ever.

Free Kisses

In Sweden, both the bride and the groom get kissed by people attending their wedding when either of them leaves the table. That is, if the bride leaves the table, then every female in the reception will get a chance to kiss the groom and vice versa.

Animal love

In India, there is a weird wedding tradition to ward off bad spirit. The bride is first married to an animal for good luck and to make her marriage last longer and prosper.

These are some of the weird wedding traditions which is religiously followed in some parts of the world.

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