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Top Indian Wedding Sangeet Song

Top Indian Wedding Sangeet Song

No Indian wedding is complete without dance, music and drama. They are in fact the highlight of the ceremony. The sangeet ceremony is entirely dedicated to dance, music, fun and merry making. Indian regional and bollywood movies come up with various desi shaadi songs for the snageet ceremony every time.

Some are emotional ones, some are romantic.  Some of the songs are item numbers; some are happy-to-get-married songs. Some of the songs can be combined to make a story; some can be put together as a theme. Overall the songs are about emotions which get translated with the beautiful lyrics to craft a wonderful aura. Groove on anything from ever green ones to the latest ones. The choice is yours!

Here is our pick on some of the best and most appropriate numbers to groove on this fall:

  • Asan Hun Tur Jana (you can’t help getting a tear in eye looking at your sister/daughter dancing to this one – Movie – Arpan)
  • Banno rani (Movie-1947 Earth)
  • Bumro Bumro (Movie- Mission Kashmir)
  • Mere Hathon mai Nau Nau Choodiyan Hain- (Movie Chandni)
  • Mai Sasural Nahi jaungi Doli Rakh do (another Yashraj classic wedding song from film Chandni)
  • Rukmani Rukmani (Movie- Roja – a naughty teaser for Bride)
  • Yeh galiya yeh chaubara (a heart touching song. Film-Prem Rog).

Best Bollywood Bidaai Songs

India is a patrilineal society. Therefore, it is customary for the bride to leave her father’s house and start a new life with her bridegroom. In other words she has to leave everything behind and enter a new phase in her life. It is the most heart touching moment in the entire lavish and grand celebration. Though parents prepare themselves to be strong for this moment, as the bride bids adieu, the environment becomes unstoppably emotional.

Best Bollywood Bidaai Songs

Bollywood have composed various songs to specially dedicate to the moment of Bidaai. They evoke such emotions that often parents are seen dabbing at their eyes whenever they hear those. To compliment the occasion, we have also come up with the best collection of Bollywood Bidaai Songs. They are sure to bring those tears off you.

  • Sada Chidiyan Da- (Film- Kabhi Kabhi)
  • Babul Ki Duaayein Leti Ja (Film- Neel Kamal)
  • Babul ka yeh ghar gori kuch din (Film- Daata)

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