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Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Indian wedding stationery too does not lag behind in looking as lively as Indian weddings itself. They are actually an indispensable part of the wedding. Indian weddings have no comparison to any western marriage. For Indians, every minute details count. Guests are invited by sending out colorful and expensive wedding cards with timings and venue of the marriage. What is common in every marriage card is a little Lord Ganesha’s picture on top of it. Lord Ganesha in India is considered as the Lord of auspicious occasion.

The range of wedding cards varies according to the quality and design to be used. The cost also depends on the paper used, the range of colors, special colors, customized designs, innovative envelopes, invitation gifts, and the number of inserts. In India, even the envelop need to look enchanting and therefore is custom prepared keeping in mind the quality and theme of the card.

Indian Wedding Invitation Stationery

Since we all know by know that a typical Indian wedding has a bundle of functions to prepare for. Most start a week days prior to the actual wedding and end a bit late too. Therefore, wedding invitation is very important to inform the guests about the date and timings for the various functions. Again, if you want filter the guests for each function, insertions will help you for the same. Other wedding stationery also includes table plan cards, RSVP cards, and mehendi cards.

India is a land of diversity with secularism running throughout the country. A standard Indian wedding card can be given a personal touch according to one’s religion. Today, innovative colors and designs have come up only to complement each religion in a unique manner.

Again, celebrity endorsed wedding invitation cards are in high demand too due to the over influence of Bollywood in the lives of the people. People get celebrities to invite guests on their behalf by writing invitations on the cards. But, celebs do charge hefty and therefore this practice is restricted to the upper echelons of the society only.

There is also another wedding invitation card where the elites accompany a gift with them for the guests. The gift can be a champagne bottle, fruit and nut box, perfume, flowers, or chocolates. In this case the cost depends on the gift chosen. And how can we forget about the physical delivery of the card that also needs add on.

I will have to emphasize on the fact that India is a developing nation and the people are becoming richer with each passing day with the lift in economy. Therefore, the future of the Indian wedding invitation stationery industry is sure to have a bright future.

Top 10 Indian Jewelry Designers

The Indian jewelry designers are no less in creating a global impact because of their sexy and elegant style of jewelry designing art. Most of them stand unique as they are made from materials that might not be traditionally used.

Indian jewelry is known in the world market for its rich use of colors and uniqueness of its pieces. Do not worry you won’t be left out even if you do not hail from India. You can still purchase these kinds of pieces as online presence is felt too.

best Indian Jewelry Designers

Indian jewelry design goes back many eras. They are known for putting a lot of time and effort to make the pieces look perfect. Most of their source of inspiration is old architecture. Below are few of the most popular Indian jewelry designers of contemporary times.

1. Poonam Soni

Poonam Soni is one of the top jewelry designers of India of the present time. Her initial step is to sit with pen and paper and sketch. She started her career by emphasizing on the history of India. Today, she creates all different kinds of style. She started her business from home, and has branched out into boutiques now.

2. Parekh Platinum Limited

Parekh Platinum Limited is one of the leaders in chemicals, metallurgical technologies and fine jewelry. The company is only known for the advanced technologies applied to craft jewelry and precious metals. Their fine jewelry has been famous among the Indians for a long time now.

3. Farah Khan

Farah Khan has been in the jeweler designing market for 15 years now. She has qualified from the Gemology Institute of America in Santa Monica California in 1992-93. Farah Khan’s jewelry has been seen on some of Hollywood’s top actors and some of India’s top families. She mostly specializes in rings and ear rings.

4. Maheep Kapoor

You will find Maheep Kapoor’s jewelry designs in the Notandas & Sons jewelry store. She is famous for her unique collection. She has been in campaigns with this company and has been providing beautiful collection over the years since the tie-up.

5. Arvindkumar and Co.

Arvindkumar and company is the manufacturer, importer and exporter of all kinds of diamonds across the globe. They have been dealing with every kind of diamond from rough to polished diamonds for 20 years now.

6. Tanishq

The Tanishq Company was introduced in the market in the early 1990s. Who has not heard of the famous Tanishq watches? The first watch they made had 103 diamonds and was made of pure 18 carat gold.

7. Asha Kamal Modi

Asha Kamal Modi’s jewelry line is known as Art Karat. She launched her first line of beautiful jewels in 1988, when jewelry was only a concept in India. All of her pieces are created with a nature friendly approach and each stand unique.

8. Gili

Gili is another popular jewelry designer in India. They are one of the largest exporters of diamond jewelry and are famous in the market for their fascinating design.

9. Adora

Adora is a popular diamond jewelry brand in India. They were started up by a company in Mumbai. They mostly theme their jewels on love and celebrations of life. Their jewelry is worn by celebrities around the globe.

10. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

Tribhocandas Bhimji Zavery, or TBZ are known to be the leaders of quality in Indian jewelry. All of their creations are unique which makes them extra valuable.

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Significance of Indian Wedding Mantras

Marriages do not just happen on pen and paper in India. It is celebrated with prompt and gander with many rich rituals and traditions. The couple is bound in holy matrimony with Indian wedding mantras each with a significance of its own. In the age of registered marriages, Hindu weddings are still made open centered amidst saat pheras and other wedding rituals.

Marriages in India are one time opportunity where all customs come to life in full glory. It is said that the Indian wedding mantras that determine the fate of a couple and also make them believe in their marital status.

Indian Wedding Mantras
Mantras For Happy Marriage

Below are few of the important Indian wedding mantras you might want to know about.


Om Gang Ganapataye Namah

Hindu rituals start with the pranam mantra of the auspicious Hindu God of prosperity, Ganesha. Every good deed in Hindu society is started by invoking Lord Ganesha for His blessing as He is believed to be remover of all obstacles.

Prajapati Manta

Om Prajapataye Namaha

This is considered to be the basic mantra of Hindu wedding. All the wedding invitation cards start by ‘Om Shree Shree Prajapataye Namah’. Prajapataya is a type of Hindu marriage which means that the bride’s father has gone in search of a suitable groom and has consented to give his daughter away. In short, it is an arranged marriage agreed upon by both families.

The Promise of Love

Jajidang Hriyanyang Tabo, Tadidang Hriyanyang Mamo

This is considered the basic Indian wedding mantra meaning ‘as long as I reside in your heart, so long will you reside in my heart’. This Sanskrit sloka binds them in a relationship until death does them apart.

Saat Pheras

In Hinduism, the bride and groom need to go around the sacred fire 7 times with significance for each circle known as pheras. The saat pheras are incanted with holy mantras to make the wedding complete.

Mangalam Mantra

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu Mangalam Karunadwaja

Every auspicious occasion is incomplete with holy mantras and the mangalam mantra is the most auspicious of them all as it is supposed to ward off evils.

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Looking for cheap Indian catering services

Catering is the most important service of any event.  Flaws are not easily accepted in this field. Over the years Indians has been in the good book for catering service in any occasion across the world.

An events comprises of several minute details which must be taken care of. Thus it is impossible to make it a huge success with the surveillance of an expert. Indian have a very good success rate in organizing events from management to deciding on the right kind of menu. They provide you with many options like,  traditional Indian style, Chinese style catering, Lebanese etc. Thus being popular not only in India but worldwide. Example of an Indian caterer famous for wedding and other events is the INDIA.

catering services India

Even though the India population abroad is very less, due the widespread of Indian catering system, Indian food has penetrated in the world and is being gaining popularity over the last two decades. This can be considered as a huge success in the market.

Like any other, Indian caters too come with both higher and lower budget. Lower budget caterers provide the same service but at cheap price with no compromise on the quality. They can be found online and for easy availability you are provided with their contact numbers. You can obtain the full detail of their service by going through their profile online.

One person billing system is mostly provided by the Indian catering system. But the rates are flexible according to the menu and accessories you choose. Cheap Indian caterers give you a bigger variety option to chose from, that perfectly fits your budget. As Indian catering is gaining popularity it has been adding more and more options in its menu. For examples, for the Muslims and add-on perk is available for non-vegetarians i.e. the Halal section.

Indian catering has been gaining its USP through the best quality service to make any event memorial. They have also been providing customize service to suit you needs in the best possible way. Always opt for professional guidance and search well before and check with referrals time and time.

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