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Shocking moment during an Indian wedding when crane collapsed and killed one

A shocking and horrifying incident hit India when a 40-ft crane collapsed at a wedding in Adalaj village near Ahmedabad. It was a blue-crystal star platform that was carrying the bride and her sister into the wedding venue. Unfortunately something went wrong and it toppled and crashed to the ground.  A 40-year-old guest died on spot and four people is been reported injured.

The party was hosted by Vinod Patel for his daughter’s wedding where this unfortunate incident took place. Local police says that the 40-ft crane might have toppled over and was parked on muddy uneven ground. However, it is not yet reported if the bride or her sister was injured during the incident.

Times of India as reported by a relative mentions, “As per the plan, the bride was to reach the venue from outside the plot through the crane as she would be showered with flowers. Everything went as per the plan till the platform almost reached at the designated spot. The incident took place when the crane was about to drop it to the ground from the height of four feet. Suddenly, the crane turned one side and both the occupants fell on the ground.”

Here is the mobile clip that could capture the pyrotechnics of how the crystal platform was lowered towards the ground before the crane buckled.

Best Bollywood Songs for Indian Wedding

Shaadis in India have always been inspired by Bollywood. If it’s an Indian wedding, there’s got to be Bollywood songs. The ceremony feels kinda incomplete it its absence. There are uncountable numbers of song from the Indian film industry dedicated to different ceremonies involved in a wedding.

Best Bollywood Songs for Indian Wedding

But hang on! In the excitement of the wedding there are at times people make the wrong song selection and make the environment uncomfortable. Therefore, be aware over your selection.

Understand the emotion behind a ceremony and compliment it with a song. We have hence come up with the list evergreen and must-have wedding songs from Bollywood that has been ruling wedding since 100 years of cinema.

The top Best Indian Wedding Songs to make you fall in love with every moment and every ceremony of the wedding.

Top Bollywood Mehndi Songs

Indian weddings known for their prompt and gander have in fact every element of fun added to it when it comes to the mehndi ceremony. Bollywood movies made over the years have complimented various melodies dedicated specially to this function.

Click on the best selected Mehndi Songs from Bollywood to enjoy the occasion.

Top Indian Wedding Sangeet Songs

Dance, music and drama make every Indian wedding complete. As such the sangeet ceremony is entirely dedicated to dance, music, fun and merry making. Be it emotional, romantic, item numbers or happy-to-get-married songs, you can combine them all and make a theme.

Groove on some of the top ever green wedding sangeet songs from the list here.

Best Baraat Entrance Songs

The fun filled tradition in an Indian wedding in the Baraat ceremony. The songs played during this wedding procession are full of high energy. As the groom sits on the horse, those rests tap their feet on awesome Bollywood dance numbers.

Enjoy these wonderfully Best Bollywood Baraat entrance songs and have fun.

Best Songs for Indian Bride’s Entrance

The best part of an Indian wedding is the entrance of the bride. As she makes her way with her bridesmaid towards her bridegroom and sits beside him for the marriage rituals, play these songs on Indian Bridal Entrance and create the perfect aura.

Best Jaimala Songs

The exchange of garlands (jaimala) with sacred enchantments by the priest in front of the altar wraps up the wedding progression. The bride accepts the groom as her husband and bingo! They are married for lifetime. To compliment this auspicious occasion, here are some of the best songs for Jaimala.

Romantic Wedding Songs for the Couple

Play romantic wedding songs for the couple to make them feel special and add certain amount of cuteness to the whole environment. Click for some of the most amazing Bollywood romantic wedding songs to compliment the couple. Wish them lifetime happiness with these songs.

Teasing Songs in Wedding

Teasing wedding songs ease down the tension and help fade away those last moment wedding jitters. The teasing ceremony is something you should not miss. Enjoy these teasing wedding songs and make the whole environment lighter and merrier. Get their feet tapping on the ground.

Best Bollywood Bidaai Songs

Bollywood have composed various songs dedicate to bidaai. Play this soulful list of Bollywood Bidaai Songs to compliment the occasion. It will evoke the right kind of emotions as the parents will be seen dabbing at their eyes during the heart numbing adieu.

Best Jaimala Songs

Best jaimala songs

Indian marriages are completed after the exchange of garlands (jaimala) in the helm of wedding rituals. Sacred enchantments are made by the priest in front of the altar. It is a significant moment for the couple as from here on, the bride   accepts the groom as her husband. The circle represents the infinite loop in their union, without any beginning or end. Jaimalas implies the same emotion as the exchange of wedding rings.

This is the best time to set the mood accordingly. There are special Jaimala songs that have been composed in Bollywood to compliment the setting. We have also come up with awesome list Jaimala songs to help you pay a flattering tribute to the couple. Enjoy!

  • Taare Hain Baraati (Film- Virasat)
  • Wah Wah Ram JI (Film- Hum Aapke hain Kaun)
  • Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (Film- Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge)

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Emergency Bridal Kit Check List for Indian Brides

I know you must be preparing for your special day months before right after you have taken the decision to get married. After spending a million bucks on your wedding, you at no cost will say no, right? Anyway don’t stress on it. This is not what I am going to discuss about today. Rather I will take you to a tour about the disasters, emergencies, panic attacks, breakdowns, crises that might come up in your wedding. But do not worry everything has solutions!

Indian Bride's Emergency Kit
Every Indian Bride’s Emergency Bridal Kit for the Wedding Day.

I was watching this movie the other day where the bride’s gown rips off at the altar and her liner goes for a tiny little party with the lipstick. LOL! It was a zombie movie. What I mean to say is that even with the best of preparations things might turn ugly in your wedding and therefore it is wise enough to carry the remedies along. Of the lots what is most important is the emergency Bride Aid kit that is a must for your bridesmaid to carry. Have a look and be prepared for the odds!

It is always wise to be on the safe side and carry along these items. Least you bang your head on your D’day! Here is what it should contain, in case you forget in the humdrum of having fun.  I have categorized your emergency into three sections. So, get down with your pen and paper and paper and make notes.

Apparel proof protection

Perfumes or deodorants: If you sweat a lot due to the heavy bridal dress.

Glue or Fevicol: Disaster might come any time.

Spare flats: Incase your feet ache due to standing on the heels the whole time.

Snickers: If you love eating.

Double sided body/sewing tape for costume slips.

Safety Pins: It is normal for Indian weddings if chachis and mausis run around asking every second woman about safety pin. You may also use it to adjust your lehenga/palla.

Straws: Keep straws to drink without messing up your lipstick.

Medication (just in case)

Band Aid: Keep band ads in case you forget to test your shoes beforehand and it bites.

Aspirin: If the stress gets on to your nerves, Aspirin will come handy as you need to constantly smile throughout the event.

Sanitary Pads/Tampons: If you fall under the categories who always forget your date so that you do not get any surprises.

Contact Lens solution: In case something goes wrong.

ENO: For immediate gas relief.

Other emergency medication: Redness-reducing eye drops, pain reliever/migraine medicine, antacids, allergy medications and any other prescribed medicine.

Grooming and touch ups

Lipstick: Even the best of lipsticks don’t last for more than 6hrs. Since Indian wedding lasts for life a lifetime (metaphorically), it should be on the top of your box.

Lip balm: You can also keep a tinted balm in the color of your lipstick to keep your lips moist.

Compact: I am sure you won’t like to look an oily bride if yours is a summer wedding.

Wet Tissues: When the groom puts on sindoor on the bride’s head, a major portion falls down on the bride’s nose. Wet Tissues will work miracles in this case.

Baby Oil: Indian bridal jewelry is too heavy with mang tikka, nathni etc. Apply baby oil in case of allergic reactions.

Hair Spray: In case your hair becomes difficult to manage. So just keep a fixing spray handy.

Small mirror: For the last moment touch ups as you won’t want your makeup to suffer.

Mouthwash and mints: Indians are very lovable although the bride and groom don’t get to kiss.

Makeup remover: To look after smudged mascaras.

Hand Sanitizer: This is of course needed.

Miscellaneous emergency kit

Camera: You might want to take your own candid shots while getting dressed and made up.

Contact numbers: Keep a list of numbers of everyone who you think you might need.

Your favorite music: In case you want to relax for a while.

Scissors: You never know what kind of emergency you fall into.

Cash: It is also good to have some cash- small bills.

Charger: Spare phone charger. Don’t forget your phone!

Indian Wedding Idea

With the Indians out in the world today, brides and grooms are looking for wedding ideas from India perfect, wherever they are based. Planning a wedding in India is a perspective that surpasses many a bride-to-be because of the complexities involved, especially when you live far from home. Here are some quick guidelines to help you run a beautiful Indian wedding abroad.

The type of wedding ceremony is planned to be largely dependent on their faith and part of India that you or your family originated. You could also plan to have the religious ceremony wedding broader more general, if you can not find a priest, or the officiating pandit conducting more regional type of ceremony. Do not worry, even the basic rituals are beautiful and meaningful.

People living abroad often lament the fact that they have an enormous variety of suppliers, accessories, and more decorative materials that abound here in India. Although it may be the case, there are many small details and ideas Indian wedding can be incorporated to give your wedding a touch colorful and ethnic. One of the most important elements that makes all the difference is the color scheme. Indian weddings are known for their bright colors and vibrant everything from the decor to clothing. Adding colors typically Indian as reds, oranges, gold, peacock blue, yellow, green and deeper through curtains, table linens and chair covers and other decorative accents to their environment can lead to a higher level.

Depending on your location, you can choose to include a series of activities that will keep your guests entertained and engaged. You may have a combination of destinations next to each other rather than restricting marriage to one place. As an example, if you choose to have your wedding in Rajasthan, you can book the palace on wheels to its customers and plan a role in all locations of the stops the train.

If you have a beach wedding can be planned a day of diving or dolphin watching. You can even organize a barbecue on the beach and the much younger and may have some adventurous water sports arranged.

Similarly, if you’re having a wedding in the desert, you can set up camp in the desert air conditioned tents, live and dances of the people there to entertain the guests, camel safaris and such Once even a spa in the middle of the desert. You can plan a wedding by standing water and put your guests in the house boats with personal butlers. This will be a truly be a unique experience for your guests.

Gifts are getting bigger than ever. Gifts like super-luxury cars, designer clothes, fine jewelry and platinum gold or given away to some of these small yet lavish weddings.

In general, this trend is becoming popular because it is easier to plan when the numbers are less and each guest can be subject to individual attention. International destinations are also popular to celebrate small intimate weddings.

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