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Things You must Pack in your Wedding Night

Wedding is the biggest day of your life but gives you the greatest headache as well. There are so many things to plan. From big to every small minute details. Amidst all these most of us tend to forget to pack our bags for the wedding night. You may forget a few things essential in the bag at the nick of time Therefore, save yourself the headache by packing ahead of time so that nothing falls short.

Wedding Night Packing

Many brides overlook the planning for the wedding night until the last minute and it becomes quite confusing hence. We have come up with a list of the essentials to feed into your wedding bag. Have a look:

Pack Wedding Night Wear

Lingerie or a negligee is the most important item on the list. Pick something that is fun and comfortable. If you have specially shopped for the night, try it on a week or so beforehand to make sure that it still fits perfectly. A pair of slip-ons might also come to your advantage.

Take a Change of Clothes

Pack a comfortable pair of clothes for the next day. Check if your hotel provides a fitness center. If yes, bring along a pair of workout clothes and sneakers too.

If you decide to go to a warm tropical place, includes swimming items, such as a bathing suit and sunblock to the bag. Even if you are planning on staying indoors, your hotel might have a pool or hot tub. Swim gear won’t take up much space, pack it.

Bring Wedding Night Toiletries

Do not forget to pack your basic toiletries like your razor and shaving gel. In case you wear contact lenses carry an extra pair.

You must have had your make up kit already packed. Carry additional items in a separate box that you need quite often.

Don’t Forget Medication

If you are n medication, do not forget to securely pack those along with other preventative medicines.

Snacks for Your Wedding Night

In all the excitement of getting married, you might not have got enough time to focus on food. Bring some snack items to your hotel room, in case you are hungry.

Wedding Night Gadgets

Pack your electronics Gadgets like a small stereo and mp3 player, your batteries and chargers. Music makes your night all the more pleasant.

Keep an extra list of contact numbers of your friends and family inside your luggage. And there you go! You are all set for the trip! Now, you have all the things you need to make your wedding night as special as you planned.

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