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Tips for Surviving the First year of Marriage

Marriage is entering into a complete topsy-turvy land. It is mostly the first year of marriage that determines the future of the couple, whether they will be able to adjust with each other and lead a successful married life. Unfortunately it is seen that several newly married couples end up having divorce within a year of tying the knot because of the lack of compromise between the two.

Researchers opine that most of these divorces happen because the newly married couple is not prepared to face the difficult challenges ahead of them. When they sit on the alter all they think of is the good times they are going to have post marriage completely ignoring that fact the marriage is a rollercoaster ride and you can not expect to be always dancing in the rain. They know that the honeymoon period will end soon but fail to think beyond that.

Be it in love marriage or arranged, the first year marriage problems are pretty serious to test the relationship for the first time. Dating and marriage are two completely different entities. You need to lay a strong foundation when your marriage is still fresh. Confront your first year marriage problems and work on it as a couple for a blissful life ahead.

first year marriage problems

Below are some of the common first year marriage problems you should prepare for.

Sharing household chores

Defining each others’ roles is very important in a marriage when it comes to household chores. In today age you will hardly find a women who is not career oriented and therefore housework has to be shared. This is where newly married couple goes through hell trying to figure out who will be doing what. Allot who will be doing the dishes and who the laundry.

Facing financial Issues

You may be of the kind who loves saving but your partner may be completely the opposite. Who pays what share of the expenses is one of the major first year marriage problems couples need to deal with.

Watch out for personal hygiene

It is seen in most couple that may disturbing habits about the partner comes into notice. You may realize that your partner doesn’t take bath for 3 days in a row or keeps dirty underwear in the wardrobe. These disgusting habits might lead to fights.

Being bit too obsessive

Yes, it is the first year of your marriage and your romance is still fresh. But do not get too much swayed away and give your partner a feel of you being too obsessive.

Cope up with lifestyle differences

You both may be from completely different background enjoying different lifestyle. Try to cope up with your partner and learn the art of compromise to prevent the initial hiccups.

Parental Interference is a bad idea

Since marriage is a family issue in India, that does not mean you will let your in-laws interfere in every single fight you have. This is a common mistake couples make in the initial phase of their marriage.

Avoid boredom

This is a commonly seen phenomenon. When you are a couple you always tend to be hot and happening. But once you get married you tend to spend most of the time at home and get converted into a boring couple. Avoid that. Go out, be socializing!

Drawing the line where necessary

In your initial fights as a married couple you tend to go haywire. You do not know where to stop and what to say. A newly married couple should take some time to understand where to end a fight else consequences might be severe.

Spend time with friends

After marriage, you end up spending all your time with your spouse. But do not forget you have a different life outside the two of you as well. Enjoy it too to avoid frustration.

Ego wars are the worst of all

Newly married couples do not normally let go off their ego. They do not understand the fact that ego means nothing in a marriage.

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