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Top 10 Funny Indian Wedding Cards

Invitation card is the first encounter your guests have to your wedding. It is therefore made very thoughtfully with class and elegance. But all of them fall in the common type. If you plan on making the most memorable invites try making them laugh at the sight of the card. It will remain in their collection forever.

Today there are many witty, tongue-in-cheek card collection available in the market for you to choose from or at least get an idea that will guide you into making your wedding card.

I therefore have come up with a collection of the top 10 funny, weird and outrageous wedding invites from our Indian folks. Seeing these cards you are sure to rethink on the traditional ganesha motifes and palm leaves cards. Have a look!

1. Dairy Milk Chocolate Wedding Card

Dairy Milk Wedding Card

Seeing this card the only think that will come to your mind is that someone must have taken the kuch meetha ho jaaye jingle too seriously. And the fun part is the ingredients. Do not miss on that.

2. FIFA World Cup Wedding Invite

Funny Football Wedding Invite

India is a cricket crazy nation but this invite reminds us that there are crazy football freaks too. This one even had the terms & conditions part!

3. Zoo Zoo inspired Wedding Invitation Card

ZooZoo Wedding Invitation Card

Who does not love the Zoo Zoos – wonderful creation of Vodafone? Have a look at the Why section and yes! The website section which reads I-dont-have-a-website-4-marriage.com. Hilarious!

4. Funny Cartoon Wedding invitation

Funny Indian Wedding Cards

Now this one is directly out from the Archies gallery.

5. Hollywood Poster Wedding Invitation Card

Hollywood Poster Wedding Card

This will remind you of old time Hollywood flick. I know what comes to your mind – Marilyn Monroe and her blowing skirt, right?

6. f**k you wedding invitation card

wedding invitation card

F**K you wedding invitation! You can make some of those to whom you do not want to invite to your wedding.

6. Mario Wedding Invitation Card

Mario Wedding Invitation Card

This is a brilliant idea for extraordinary game freaks. Let Mario rescue his little princess trapped in the castle.

7. Coffee Dates Wedding Card

Coffee Dates Wedding CardThe people from Bangalore, India are too much into coffee I guess. Really a lot can happen over a coffee!

8. Zombies inspired wedding invitation Card

Zombies wedding invitation Card

I love this card. Even the sight of this makes me laugh out loud. The guys seem too determined to get married. Happy Wedding!

9. Wanted Poster Wedding Invitation

Wanted Poster Wedding Invitation

Now I have respect for its creator who has done complete justice to the card. Look at the criminal profile for instance.

10. Cordial Invite Card

Look at the wordings. It speaks exactly what the affair is going to be. Wow!

If you can think of any of such weird and funny wedding cards you have seen in India, please leave us your comments below. We would love to add them to our list.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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