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Top 10 reasons to prefer a small wedding in India

So, you have found your soulmate, the question’s popped and you are all set to sit in the mandap. But is the idea of an expensive and huge wedding making you cold? What is the harm in having a small and simple wedding, then? We understand that a lavish wedding is intriguing. But isn’t the dream is to celebrate the big day amidst your loved ones? Well, money cannot just be the sole factor for having a small wedding. Well, look for most exciting reasons to opt small wedding below. We are sure you will cast aside all the grandiose celebrations attached to the idea of a ‘big fat Indian wedding’.

A day dedicated only to you and your loved ones: The advantage of having a small wedding is that you may invite only those people who are close to you. Step in the new world surrounded by your most loved ones, feel comfortable and make the most cherished memories.

Better interaction with guests: Won’t it be wonderful if you could spend quality time interacting with guests who have come to attend your wedding? The fewer the number of invitees, the more personal you may get. Your guest will also be highly obliged with your gesture. Small wedding also help you get over the awkwardness of making small talks with relative you have never known.

Dump your tension and feel more relaxed: You invite only your close ones to a small wedding and therefore your big day turns to be a much more relaxed affair. You will finally get a celebration feel rather than an Indian social event feel for everyone’s entertainment. Well with smaller affairs, you are sure to enjoy more.


Spend more in luxury: If you plan on a small wedding, you will have more opportunities to spend. Do not go for the myth that small weddings planned only to save money. Most couple cut down on unnecessary expenses only to make their wedding celebrations truly luxurious.

Saving up more for an exotic honeymoon trip: All the money you saved can be utilized for an extended honeymoon to your most desired destination. It will be a great plan to take a lavish honeymoon break after the long tiring months.

More options are opened: A small Indian wedding avails to you a lot of venue options. Large weddings involve a lot of tasks from arranging different wedding vendors to working out on deals with them. But when narrows down to a small wedding, you may decide on a plenty of choices. It has lesser things to take care of and therefore you may focus more on the preparations.

Your own personalized celebration: A small wedding helps you personalize its preparation according to what you have always planned. You may also decide on lavish perks like revolving stage at the venue. If you always wanted to wear designer lehenga for your wedding, no one can stop you now.

Consider destination wedding: Was having a destination wedding always your dream? Well, if you opt for a smaller wedding, such luxury is easily available. All you need to do is to your bags, book your flight and finally let the exotic destination be the perfect setting for your wedding.

Making cute personal memories: Because of the heavy responsibility and rush many couples does not get enough time to enjoy on their own wedding. If you are having a big fat Indian wedding you are sure to feel lost amidst hundreds of guests. In small weddings the couple can not only enjoy but also feel relaxed in the midst of dear ones. Make memories with moments involving eye-contact and sly smiles to cherish forever.

Making your wedding an unforgettable affair: Your wedding is sure to make the right impact on your guest. Anyone can have an expensive wedding, but your small affair will always be imprinted in the minds and hearts of your guests if you did it right. This perfect wedding will always be about the things that were shared and nothing about that was missing.

Editor Kritika is EMI's big cheese, She is a blogger, social media lover and beauty addict. She love to share her wedding planning experience and about Indian wedding trends.

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