How to build a strong and happy foundation for your Marriage

Keeping a marriage strong is not at all easy these days when more than 50% of the couples end in divorce. Do not give up though. There are plenty of ways to keep your marriage happy and healthy and as fresh as new. Here are 10 tips for building that strong foundation, no matter if you are newlyweds, empty nesters, or somewhere in between. Have a look:

Tips for Happy Married Life
Top 10 Easy Tips for Happy Married Life

1. Try to find out your common interests

Well, even if opposites really do attract your marriage will be stronger if you spend time doing a few things together no matter how diverse your interests are. I am not talking about household chores and parenting. Something besides that. Keep on experimenting with new hobbies until you both find out something you both enjoy and churn out time to enjoy it.

2. Don’t withhold on sex

It is understandable that your sex life will change in due course after your marriage. However, you should never let life get in the way of having sex. Try your best to let in sex into your lives in spite of your busy schedule. It might sound overly automated, but it is indeed a way to remind you to prioritize and take time for one another to be intimate.

3. Make friends outside each other

Find some couple friends you can do double-dates with. This will act as an extra recharge to make your marriage stronger with a healthier outlook.

4. Go out on regular dates

A few months right after your marriage every night will be date night for you, even if it is simple a dinner and a movie on your own couch. But as life gets complicated you tend to lose this set-apart time together. Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly date night so you make sure to stay connected. If your kids are small you can have an in-house date after the kids are in bed.

5. Keep your credit card debt in check from time to time

Your marriage life is bound to suffer if you have an overload of credit card debt. So, keep only a couple credit cards in your family arsenal, and always practice living within your means. Use credit cards only for certain purchases that you can pay back each month, or use low-interest cards to finance big purchases. Make sure you have a solid plan to pay them off in time.

6. Share all kinds of financial issues

According to the legend Ashyia Hill from CreditDonkey, “Financial problems are one of the top catalysts for fights” that lead to divorce these days. This is indeed true. Even if one person is better at balancing the books and paying the bills, both couples should always know what’s happening with the finances. This keeps your marriage strong. Today you can have online budget through free platforms to stay together financially.

7. Ups and downs are a part of life

Many newlywed couples end up divorced quite early because they can not accept the fact that marriages are not beds of roses. There are many ups and downs to come. Because marriage involves two dynamic partners where you expect yours to change over time. Tip: When times are a bit tougher or one partner is going through some major changes, do not give up! Rather hang in there and focus on getting to know one another all over again.

8. Do Romance each other

Romance is all about figuring out the likes and dislikes of your partner and not solely about the husband’s priority. Try to figure out what your spouse likes beforehand and be prepared with them when they come back from work at night. Practice those at a regular basis.

9. Try to work on your communication skills

If communication breakdowns occur in your marriage, understand that it is a bad sign. If you’re feeling a block in your marriage communications, consider seeing a counselor to help you work on concrete communications skills. They are usually of great help. Periodic counseling can be a great way to work through issues too. It is in fact a good idea to keep your marriage happy.

10. Do not expect perfection

Do not get hyper on small things like toilet seats left up, towels left on the floor, or rearview mirrors re-adjusted in a shared vehicle. These can be easily fixed so do make an issue out of it. Remember, your spouse is only human, and expecting perfection will only ruin your marriage totally.

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