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Tricks to Spy on Your Husband Smartly

Before I even start on the tricks let me remind you that spying is not at all a healthy behavior, especially if you are planning on spying on your spouse. It is the gateway to an unhealthy married life. Nonetheless, there are many women who spy on their husbands. Most of them because of curiosity and others because they fear that their husbands are cheating on them with another woman.

Hold on! Do not think that only women spy on their husbands, but men do on their wives too. But that is not what we will be dealing with today. Let’s talk about women. Women spy on their husbands for different reasons. Since the number of cheating husbands is very high it is natural for women to feel a bit insecure for their men.


I must emphasize that spying must be a daunting task. If you are spying on your husband, make sure never to get caught. I suggest brainstorming to come out with smart tricks. Below are a few ideas to help you spy on your husband without getting caught.

Talk to his friends regularly

You should know about all of his friends so that you know exactly who he is seeing. Keep contact with them on a regular basis so that no one smells anything fishy when you call them up.

Keep in touch with his parents

Parents are always a good source to gather information from. Always be on their good book. Talk to his parents regularly to match the facts of his whereabouts. And if the details do not match, be sure that he is cheating.

Get his office land-line number

He can easily fool you with his mobile phone. Therefore, attack his office land line instead. Give him blank calls to see if he is actually in office

Hack into his PC

Most people have the habit of saving their password on their personal computers carelessly. Therefore, it should not be a Herculean task to hack into your husbands email and social media accounts. Only be careful not touch his ‘unread’ mails and messages by mistake.

Drop by for a casual lunch

Try to make it a regular habit of dropping by your husband’s office for casual lunches. This way you can catch him off guard.

Volunteer for doing his laundry

Not this comes with a benefit. This way you can check his pockets for incriminating evidences and also sniff his clothes for a whiff of feminine perfume.

Never confront him directly

Even if you have the strongest of suspicion, very charge your husband directly. Otherwise, he will come to know that you have been spying on him and put him on defense instead.

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