Wedding Ideas

Weddings in India from ages have been considered as the most promising and the respected ceremony celebrated in the country. The faith that the people of India possesses in this single bond is unimaginable, for them marriage is a bond in which two souls are bound with each other for seven lives. It is a relationship, which is decided by the god and its him, who sees that the two most compatible beings gets to tie the knot of marriage with each other. Wedding is based on the understanding and love shared between the bride and the groom and is also said to be the sweetest of the relations shared between two human beings.

Definition of marriage is changing and so are the styles and methods in which Indian wedding ceremonies are performed. The young generation of the country has got more inclined towards the concept of love marriages and is also always found convincing their parents to accept their choice of life partner as their son- in- law or daughter- in- law. The children are very clear and firm about their choice of life partner and want the same to be implemented as their wives or husbands. The changing mindset of the people toward marriage does not in any way harm the sacredness and the longevity of marriage as a bond. In fact the change executed is for the betterment of the society and in many ways has risen up as reformatory measure for our society.

The reformed and modernised approach of the Indian brides and grooms these days, have lead to the construction of many innovative ideas for practising marriage ceremonies. These new ideologies can be seen implemented in the recent marriages in India. No changes have been made in the rituals or the ceremonies. Keeping the sanctity of the wedding ceremonies alive, only some additions have been made in the wedding process. These additions are done to add the factors of fun and enjoyment in the marriage ceremonies. Also these new changes will make Indian marriage ceremonies more lively and so that its memories are cherished for long by the married couple and their relatives.

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