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Wedding Planning Tips For Perfect Day

Some couples know instinctively what wedding theme they would like. It could have special romantic memories of where they met, spent their first night together or a sport or hobby that they share. To personalize your day and turn it in to something memorable and special, pick a theme or style that proclaims your commitment to each other or follows a shared interest. Carry the theme through all of the stages from the church to the favors on the tables to the food. A good wedding planner can assist.

Like the couple who wanted their wedding spot beside a local river well known for the amazing Dance Parties held there. He was a DJ and they had many fond memories of times spent there. Fortunately they had a Plan B in case of bad weather which as Murphy’s Law would have it, it poured.

This is very important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. The back up venue was a nightclub with a covered outdoor balcony, perfect for their spit roast and with the in house sound and lighting systems it slotted in perfectly with their theme. They were still able to celebrate without compromising their passion for dance parties – and there was the bonus of no sandflies!! Their first dance was to a drum and bass piece put together by the groom. The magical moment of the bride and groom dancing to the sensuous beats, totally in unison as their attendants floated lengths of silken material and bubbles around them worked equally as well in this setting as the planned riverside forest. They had their totally unique, personalized wedding enjoyed by everyone.


Or the groom whose bride was involved in the wedding industry and vowed and declared that no way was she having anything but a quiet, private, no fuss wedding. Unbeknown to her, with the assistance of a wedding planner, the groom put together a fairytale wedding to satisfy any bride. The room was silk lined with gold cherubs and angels, white seat covers and her favorite shade of cobalt blue for trimmings. The bride was picked up in a horse and carriage and slowly transported to a quaint country church with his uncle officiating. It was extremely romantic, it even had the little pageboy in tears and topped off with the groom’s speech proclaiming that he wanted to declare to everyone how much he loved her and as she was marrying him he wanted her to remember it for always and nothing was too good for her. That from a groom that the bride thought couldn’t plan anything. She just didn’t want the workload but she had always dreamed of a wedding like that. In times like this it pays to use a wedding planner.

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