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What Men Should Talk About on Wedding Night?

Wedding jitters spares none as it all about lifetime commitment. The fear is more in arranged marriages in India. You become tensed about the new life changing responsibilities you will have to take up and hence feel like running away from the marriage. Once you are done with the whole wedding day, your mind is filled with the excitement of the ‘first night’. You plan to impress your partner with your acts and arrangements pre planned for the night. So, if you too want to impress her on the first night, here are a few ideas on what to discuss on your wedding night.

Indian Wedding Night

Welcome her to your life

Well, this idea is more applicable in arranged marriages. Since your bride is completely new to your family you need to give her a warm welcome and introduce to the family personally. Talk with her and describe your family members, their likes and dislikes. This way she will be comfortable being around them.

Build Proximity and Express Yourself

Make her comfortable. On the wedding night let her know how important she is to you in your life. This makes her feel wanted. On wedding night, a woman is tensed about the physical love, so these will make her feel better and more relaxed. Therefore, expressing oneself is very important to build proximity.

Explain her New Roles in the Family

Explain her new roles politely. Since it is a new house she deserves to be scared. But don’t be dominating or demanding while doing so. Since, she only knows you; she will want your support every time, and so make sure you explain with best intentions.

Promise to be Hers Forever

Women want to be loved. She wants to be felt wanted. So, the on wedding night, men should tell their wives their significance in their lives. Promise her that you will love her everyday and every moment for the rest of your lives. Your love will keep on increasing with time.

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