What to Write in Indian Wedding Cards

write in Indian wedding cards

As of the Indian Census of 2011, almost 80% of the Indian population is marked as Hindus. Therefore, Hindu weddings are a common scene in the Indian community. And owing to the percentage of Indian Hindu families living abroad, the frequency of Hindu wedding ceremonies has gone global too. Therefore, if you too are planning on a grand Hindu wedding ceremony, you must be aware of the rich etiquettes and rituals of Hindu wedding invitations to start off. If we consider Hindu wedding invitations wordings, you will find that there are a few common norms for writing them and you can not just go haywire in excitement. Below are a few guidelines about writing Hindu wedding cards.

A few Tips on Writing Hindu Wedding Invitations

The basic advantage of a wedding card is that with the proper use of words you can easily set the mood of the ceremony very much in advance. So, when your guests receives a wedding card designed and written strictly keeping in mind the norms of Hindu culture, they will exactly know what to expect on the big day. Below are few of the most useful tips on writing Hindu wedding invitations. Have a look!

Hindu wedding invitations wordings

Do not go for short cuts, use complete sentence

Make sure to use full sentence when writing an invitation for Hindu wedding. It is a one time affair. Do use short cuts. When writing parents’ names, follow the traditional punctuation courtesy too. Check out the following example:

Mrs. Shruti & Mr. Mrinmoy Roy request the honor of your gracious presence on the auspicious day of the wedding of their daughter

Surbhi Roy


Manish Shyam

Then again, if you want you may also choose to include the parents’ names of both sides as,

Mrs. Shruti & Mr. Mrinmoy Roy request the honor of your gracious presence on the auspicious day of the wedding of their daughter

Surbhi Roy


Manish Shyam

son of Mr. and Mrs. Mahesh and Shalini Shyam

Do not skip any information

Clearly mention the date, time and venue of the marriage ceremony in your Hindu wedding invitation card. Since, Hindu wedding event usually lasts for more than one day, specifically mention all dates of invitation too. And yes, when writing the date, don’t forget to include the year. Say for example, instead of January 2, you may write Wednesday, the First of January, 2012. Also, it is basic etiquette to write eight o’clock in the evening, instead of writing 8 p.m.

Hindus also use religious icons of Hindu deities such as icons of the auspicious Lord Ganesha on top of the card. You may also use some religious quotes on Hindu wedding cards for the touch of tradition.

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